Baby Yoda tiny pocket shirt

Baby Yoda tiny pocket shirt



Dave Pernice, They weren’t arrested though. Trump tried to criminalize border crossings and the courts slapped him with an injunction. It was a cruel human rights abuse that he inflicted on babies and children. I remember a time when our government didn’t commit human rights abuses regularly. I miss those days. Well, we are lucky the Supreme Court agreed with the President, what help the Courts the most was the study that showed 1/3 off Illegals who bring kids do not have any family ties. I am thankful they did that DNA testing. Just think if the Testing was not done we would be allowing child tracking. Loren Drzal you admit it above. if any adults bring a child to this Baby Yoda tiny pocket shirt claiming it is his child and it is proven not to be a family member that is child trafficking. thank you for admitting it above. John Rowley, I’m sure you like to think there is this huge conspiracy to take children to the US for the sex trade, what astonishes me, your inability to recognize sex trafficking that happens daily and does not always involve illegals. With your focus being diverted towards illegals, it keeps the real traffickers operating in broad daylight. How about you look at the human cost of this terrible activity, and stop falling for a phony claim intended solely to demonize people seeking what anyone would want for their families if they were in the same or similar circumstances. How about you open your mind? No, I’m not claiming trafficking from the border doesn’t happen. I’m saying it isn’t the only place, the worst place, and that illegals are the only traffickers. I only gave you three examples, I can easily post 10-15 more over the past 10 years, just from Florida.)


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