Baby Yoda Steelers shirt

Baby Yoda Steelers shirt



AND we need state hospitals to handle chronic mental health issues. Keep the mentally ill in the hospital long enough to know if the Baby Yoda Steelers shirt is working while therapy helps the person on medication to know how much the medication is helping them. Patty Kinnett yes, state hospitals. We used to have them. For some reason, we decided they were cruel and too expensive. And now we’ve got a huge homeless problem and people in jail that don’t belong there.  Obviously. People with better mental health generally don’t do the things that land someone in prison. That’s just common sense. If we could improve our mental health treatments and poverty, crime rates would drop significantly. It might seem like common sense, but it’s factually wrong. The vast majority of crimes are committed by people with no mental health issues, and statistically, people who do have diagnosed problems are more likely to be the victims of crime than the perpetrators. Don’t perpetuate the false stereotype that people with mental health issues are dangerous criminals. There are many reasons why these people wrongly end up in the criminal justice system; the US fails to provide people with healthcare or mental health care so many go undiagnosed and untreated, people who see someone in crisis are more likely to call police than social services, police are not trained to recognize or respond appropriately to someone in crisis, police often escalate such encounters and then arrest someone for ‘resisting’, etc. People with mental health issues generally don’t do the things that land someone in prison. We just choose to put them there anyway. That is a conclusion based on a just criminal justice system. I hope you are never accused of a crime you did not commit. Or have to interact with corrupt law enforcement.


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