Baby Yoda Stay out of my bubble shirt

Baby Yoda Stay out of my bubble shirt



And I can tell from your arrogant and callous attitude about people that you are an asshole. If being a caring human or not being a caring human we’re a crime you’d be in death row. Tell us, John, are you Native American, or did your ancestors immigrate to the United States? Did they immigrate post-1920s or before? If it was pre-1920s I can tell you they cane without “papers” or having to pay exorbitant fees to the USCIS, and that your ancestors just decided to seek a better life, so why don’t you drop the Baby Yoda Stay out of my bubble shirt and rejoin the rest of humanity? It doesn’t matter.we who are here must come together, period. I don’t care if he is purple. What can he do to help? Translate? Cook? Pack boxes? It does not matter about his status, you must get over that. What can he contribute to America right now? By definition, racial profiling is about the color of your skin, not whether your guilty or innocent. It doesn’t matter what you do. The police of the fascist regime will find any flimsy excuse to shoot you or if you’re lucky they might just arrest you and send you to prison for the better part of your life. Legalization will be easier to achieve than stopping racial profiling. Legalization will just reduce the number of legal excuses bigoted authorities use to arrest folks. I would also like to see severe penalties on any public official that abuses the trust and authority given to them by the public. This is American society. If you see any “baiting” here, it’s your conscience trying to tell you something. In that sense, there is hope for you. I see you are in Indiana, so I understand that you may have little experience with people of color, so here are some things to keep in mind as you go forth from this moment and seek to educate yourself out of the racist hole you may have fallen into by mistake. While a lot of Trumpers are complaining these days about quarantines and so on, you should consider your words carefully. The only thing “like slavery” is…slavery. Unless what we’re experiencing now is “slavery” but just without the slave ships, bondage, forced labor, rape, false imprisonment, family separations, branding, whipping, cultural destruction, denial of education/literacy/numeracy, amputation and castration as punishment…you get the drift.


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