Baby Yoda Starbucks shirt

Baby Yoda Starbucks shirt



The fundamental human right is that of women and girls to have safe medical care. “Comprehensive reproductive health services, including abortion, are necessary to guarantee the right to life, health, privacy, and non-discrimination for women and girls.” UN Committee on Human Rights. Shawn Smith, I wish you were actually speechless so we wouldn’t have to listen to your lies. According to every single human rights organization in the world abortion, is a human right, that should be safe, legal and accessible. As does the largest medical organizations in the US, both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). The US Supreme Court has also ruled and reaffirmed many times over the last 50 years that Abortion is a human right as well as a constitutional right. Catlin Marchand, you don’t have a “right” to a living wage. If there were no companies giving out jobs there would be no wages so to say a wage is a right is ridiculous. It’s your job as an adult to survive in whatever society you live in. “Killing an unborn child because you can’t support them isn’t an option.” Then you support a repeal of trump’s Title X funding cut for contraception, as well as keeping women’s clinics open, so that poor women can prevent pregnancy with effective birth control, right? Paul Jackson if I didn’t have to enter the Baby Yoda Starbucks shirt and work 9-5 I wouldn’t. But I’m not allowed to build a home in the woods. I’m not allowed to hunt for my own food without a license. I’m not allowed to build my own town with my own rules. So yeah if I’m FORCED to work then the people forcing that should be FORCED to pay a livable wage. A consolidation prize for being born into a world where you have very few actual freedoms.


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