Baby Yoda Star Wars shirt

Baby Yoda Star Wars shirt



The death penalty is an unjust and often abused permanent means of punishment. It is applied all too often to the poor and POC by political judges and prosecutors to pad their resumes for re-election. Pam fee stupid or lying? Abortion is killing a human who made no choice. Innocence and thereby YOUR actions, almost always. A man on death row made choice, they themselves. No hypocrisy except in your position. It’s ok to kill innocent human life but somehow wrong to kill a human who chose to kill another human. That’s the hypocrisy. Steve Pest I figured you’d be here soon enough, you always are Hate to break it to you but since an embryo doesn’t have consciousness, it’s incapable of being “innocent” or not. The Baby Yoda Star Wars shirt is that you rant and rave over a fetus when it’s in a woman’s body but couldn’t care less about it once it’s born. You’ll vote to take away its chance to go to a doctor and eat. Because it’s control over women you crave, and that’s it. You’re a pathetic misogynist who hides behind evangelicalism. Forced-birth, pro-control, pro-punishment. That’s it. When there are so many people that have been exonerated, isn’t it better to have life sentences so that they are not murdered if they are innocent? Josie Maymon oh for fuck sake, you probably aren’t even economically viable enough to take out a personal loan, yet you’re here worrying about who pays for what…worry all u want, clueless, you will never have the power to control what the government squanders money on. Go play in 5:00 traffic. Jay Murphy Your quite right abortion is not a contraceptive, so contraceptives should be easy to get and take or the day after pill (when nothing is viable). On the other hand what about all those abused children who should never have been brought into this world. Again that is another area where no one goes. Sigh!


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