Baby Yoda reflection shirt

Baby Yoda reflection shirt



My dad who fought the Japanese in the Pacific always, and I do mean always, told me that internment was wrong. He went to school with people of Japanese descent in Portland and said that they were as American as anyone else in the community. I am so proud that he saw it that way. I think it is also important to note that many of the sons of these internees enlisted and fought bravely in Europe with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. A very highly decorated unit with a very high casualty rate. While their families were still interned. Patriots despite this injustice.  It is said that America has the nerve to call out other countries for human rights violations and abuse, when they have done the same thing, and sometimes worse for generations. Stop it. This was not something that happened in the heat of battle or in the confusion surrounding military action. This was fully thought out and planned behavior based on long-standing racial bigotry. And you might not want to squawk about what someone else does or does not understand, considering that your defense here seems to be, “Well, they committed war crimes, too!” Joseph Melrose, Your comment about what Japan did has nothing to do with the US holding its own Baby Yoda reflection shirt. Please let us know how many concentration camps held Italian or German Americans. My paternal grandfather and his family were Italian immigrants and they did not get incarcerated. My mother’s entire family came from Germany – they were all free during WWII. Joseph Melrose Why? How does our involvement in Iraq have any bearing at all on how American citizens were treated during WWII? I actually *do* have a big problem with present-day military conflict as well, but it’s irrelevant. We could both agree that our military actions since World War II were unconstitutional, and it still doesn’t justify or excuse the internment of thousands of Japanese-Americans. You can use one wrong-doing to excuse another one.


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