Baby Yoda reflection shirt

Baby Yoda reflection shirt



How about you offer people the choice to do community hours in place of the ticket. Pay the person minimum wage, and have them pick up trash or whatever. Once you’ve worked the hours necessary to pay the fine, it’s cleared. If you don’t work the hours within whatever time frame is decided, then they can start restricting your license. The problem is that people in poverty already work a lot of hours just trying to stay afloat, they don’t need to be working even more. Driving and working while exhausted is dangerous and only furthers their poverty if something were to happen. Amber Mitchell This would not inflict gratuitous cruelty and economic suffering upon the already poor, which is the entire point of the system in the first place. They’d never go for it; not cruel enough. Not sure what the best solution is, but maybe a sliding scale of some sort. Pay a certain percentage of income, or the set ticket price can be reduced based on income. At the moment rich people seem to just break the law and then pay the ticket. They don’t view it as “not being able to park there” but rather “it’s $35 to park there.” Payment plans without massive interest fees? I’m not sure, maybe look at what other countries do about this issue. Ely Powers Working hours you pay off a ticket could be one hour a week, or even one hour a month. A sliding scale is a decent idea, but even then there are people who would not be able to pay. But working an hour at the local library stocking books could be more feasible. Amber Mitchell How many times though? Just keep getting tickets and working the extra hour or two? I think it should also depend on the Baby Yoda reflection shirt. a broken tail light I understand but letting the so-called poor keep getting speeding tickets. So it should apply to everyone. If no fine then takes more points at the DMV from their license. If one lady is a veteran shouldn’t she get benefits from that and her employment? what about making them pay out of their income tax? I am sure they all get money back


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