Baby Yoda read across America shirt

Baby Yoda read across America shirt



Evan Moss Christianity is a patriarchal religion that uses their fake sky daddy to oppress others, you’re “not all Christians” mantra is no more helpful than the “not all men” mantra, it means you’re defensive about something that doesn’t need your defense and only serves to shut down discussion about something that does real harm. Kathryn Johanknecht sees that’s a better way to have a conversation. And like I said, religion is always selectively interpreted. It can, conceivably, be or mean anything. To oppose your opposition to “not all Christians” I’m skeptical of any framework that is based upon universal condemnation as we’ve all, to varying degrees, been negatively manipulated by the modern world. It’s too militant for my tastes. You can have your own. But for the love of all things secular don’t be so goddamn mean about it. I wasn’t trying to attack you. Kathryn Johanknecht What do you think you know about me? For you, all I know is that you have a great take-no-prisoners online persona. You like to fight. You believe strongly in your worldview and think other people generally should as well. I do too in that respect. And the stakes are so low online it’s hard to resist a good squabble. But tell me, what have you gleaned about me in this conversation? Kathryn Johanknecht I guess my main point is that someone feeling the need to assert their atheism in the face of someone else’s display of faith (that was made in goodwill, and let’s forget neither of us knows ANYTHING about that person’s faith because they’ve been grateful enough to avoid this shitshow) is tacky and disrespectful. Sigh. I’ve learned that you have really fragile feels and like to create arguments out of nothing and ASSume. Christians aren’t oppressed, they are the primary oppressors in this Baby Yoda read across America shirt, they don’t need you to defend them. If the woman who wrote this wants to defend herself, then let her do it. It really seems like you don’t think she is capable of that. You’re on the page of civil liberties supporters, if you are an ally, why are you attacking us?


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