Baby Yoda nurse shirt

Baby Yoda nurse shirt



Our constitutional rights are believed to have been derived from “ Natural Rights”. A belief that replaced the “Divine Rights of Kings”. It is a nebulous system but not one that ever contemplated its use as a justification for the murder of children. Let’s make this abundantly clear when we use abortion as a means of contraception and an excuse for not using one or more of the preventative measures available before and after the act it is murder! Robert F. Horne so, tells me, Robert. What is your knowledge of the effectiveness of all the birth control methods? Also, can you tell me at what age a woman can have her tubes tied because she simply does not want to have children? Robert F. Horne what’s so hypocritical about all this caterwauling about abortion is that people with money can ALWAYS get abortions. They just travel to where it’s legal and pay for one. Used to happen all the time. And will again. It’s a punishment for the poor and low-income people, to keep them down. In Ireland, people with money just went to England. Just trying to keep low-income folk down. So cruel. Robert F. Horne Except, that it’s not murder, which is a word with a definition under the Baby Yoda nurse shirt. Let’s make this abundantly clear; there are no CHILDREN in a uterus. Abortion *IS* a form of birth control, and newsflash: contraception is not 100% effective. You need a primer on what the words you’re using mean: birth control and contraception are not the same things. Nobody uses abortion as contraception because contraception prevents conception; you don’t need to terminate a pregnancy that you’ve prevented. Once conception and implantation have occurred and a person is pregnant, abortion is the only birth control option remaining. Abortion isn’t murder. Abortion is a pregnant person choosing to terminate their pregnancy, and it’s their right because it’s their body. People have the right to bodily autonomy and self-determination. And no person–no matter how small–has the right to live inside or off of another person without that other person’s ongoing consent. Fetuses may be persons, but they don’t have bodily autonomy rights precisely because their bodies aren’t autonomous.


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