Baby Yoda Jeep shirt

Baby Yoda Jeep shirt



95% of people in prison, women, and men, were raised with violence in their childhood. They were beaten as children, or at the very least, witnessed domestic violence. Or both. The US is one of the view civilized societies that do not outlaw corporal punishment (beating kids is like assault rifles, viewed as a good American Christian value). The domestic violence movement mounted an education campaign saying that domestic violence, beating your spouse, is a “crime.” But there is no such movement saying a big person should not have to use adult force, or a belt, to assault a small child. If the ACLU really truly cares about reducing the prison population and improving mental health, they will mount an American anti-corporal punishment education campaign. Even though kids don’t donate or vote. I appreciate the attempt to use inclusive language however it’s also appropriate to acknowledge the word “women” is applicable to the large majority of those who menstruate. Saying “women (and others who menstruate)” is inclusive. The article says women’s rooms don’t always provide supplies, but in fact, no workplace, business or even doctor’s office has ever provided free menstrual supplies that I’ve encountered in just about 30 years of menstruating, so this seems like a silly distraction from the legitimate Baby Yoda Jeep shirt of prisoners and people in poverty lacking access to personal hygiene supplies. Work towards providing all people access to personal hygiene, yes, but why single out tampons as an unmet need for marginalized men when they’re so much more likely to need toothpaste, soap, etc. Perhaps 1% of people needing tampons are not women or girls, so let’s respectfully acknowledge that as one aspect of a healthy discussion that primarily affects women, without derailing the whole conversation.


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