Baby Yoda I like M&M more than people shirt

Baby Yoda I like M&M more than people shirt



Our justice system is broken in a lot of ways. The for-profit prisons are a big part if it. In addition, too many people seem to be okay with innocent people in prison. There’s money to be made on the backs of prisoners. Ten years ago, Pennsylvania judge Mark Ciavarella was caught sending thousands of kids to for-profit jails on trumped-up charges (heh) in exchange for bribes. Several of the kids committed suicide before he was caught and convicted. There’s far more money now in for-profit prisons than there was in the late 00s, so I seriously doubt he was the only one. I’m reading this as a crime was committed. The guilty person was convicted and served the sentence required. The sentence was harsh and that’s an issue? If I said it once, can’t afford the time, don’t do the crime. Jinga Jappeppa we’re saying the process you described is corrupted by partiality (you know, as opposed to impartial justice). So you’re going to have to think a little deeper than your 2nd-grade quotations to meaningfully participate. Most prisoners get released, you know. With no real preparation or training for life after prison, and after family and friend ties have weakened or broken. So again, what is prison accomplishing? Martin Brandfon yes it is. As a citizen in this country, I know not to commit a crime. It’s simple, commit a crime, risk doing time. This example is terrible. It reads like the conviction was for a couple of crimes. The time served is a part of the criminal’s punishment. Don’t do the crime, why is that hard for anyone to grasp? How hard is it to understand that due to the for-profit nature of prisons in the US the abuse of imprisonment is rampant? The entire Baby Yoda I like M&M more than people shirt is set up not toward rehabilitation but toward feeding the prison pipeline. Minorities are dealt with higher prison sentences, corrupt judges have been exposed to have financially benefitted by imposing stricter punishments to keep prisons properly filled. Unless you want to claim that Americans are naturally criminal this country shouldn’t house a quarter of the world’s incarcerated.


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