Baby Yoda Ballet shirt

Baby Yoda Ballet shirt



Lisa Shaftel what? I did read the article. I was just commenting that I was pleasantly surprised that some companies are now offering them free in restrooms… hopefully, it’s a trend that will continue and spread. You feel that way because it’s not your experience of life. It’s not so long ago that most people had no concept of what it is to be non-binary or trans. No matter how hard you try to imagine it, I doubt you will get anywhere without listening to people who experience it. I like Allies Academy on Facebook–they post a lot of things, but sometimes enlightening perspectives of what it’s like to be trans, in particular. You could also Google something like “trans experience” or “what it’s like to be non-binary.” There are trans and NB YouTubers, as well. So choose your path. I’ll never get over that person who use their own brain to determine their gender, deny that others can do so because of other organs. If the human soul exists, it’s the electricity that powers our brain. Our self awareness, so to speak. This conscience we all possess has a much more direct link to the brain than any sex organ.. so why the fuck do you keep telling someone their “bIoLoGy” is what determines gender? Is it perhaps because you’re unable to differentiate between gender and sex? Maybe the ENTIRE Baby Yoda Ballet shirt is people like the individuals in this thread, uneducated and fearful and flat out incorrect monstrosities who use their own shit life as an excuse to inflict pain on others? I don’t know for sure, I’m just spitballing here. Jamie Caroline Having a feminine gender expression doesn’t make one female. Many of us don’t believe in gender identity theory, that idea that one can be “born in the wrong body”. This belief is not just something benign. It can deconstruct hard-won women’s rights based on sex discrimination. The more I read about it the more I realize that I cannot agree with it.


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