Baby Yoda Baby Claw shirt

Baby Yoda Baby Claw shirt



Stacy Sanders before I actually spend some time replying. Do you actually give a crap about that answer or are you just one of the anti-ACLU trolls on this page? There are several serious reasons why we shouldn’t be being monitored like this. Wray Ford, I’m one of those people who isn’t interested in hearing smart ass retorts… if you have an answer I’m interested but if you’re the average cynical smart ass liberal then, by all means, shove it up to your ass and keep it to yourself. Stacy Sanders For example, would you be okay with them tracking your movements on your Harley and putting you on a terrorist watchlist without your knowledge if you bike with folks who the government thinks are criminals? Stacy Sanders was in my first comment was I being a smart ass? Or do you mean literal “smart” ass, as in if someone presents evidence and facts you’re going to plug your ears and play ignorant? Your kind is mentally stunted. You’re supposed to grow out of that behavior during puberty. With all due respect, the Baby Yoda Baby Claw shirt with this logic is that the interpretation of what is currently a “crime” or improper behavior, is nebulous and subject to the whims of whatever the prevailing winds of public-opinion-manipulation are bringing in. In other words, what may be considered a “crime” today, may not be considered a “crime” in the future…and vice versa. Do we really want to live in a state where our currently-innocent actions are documented and used against us in the future when those actions may not be considered innocent? Phil Kosick You poor foolish man. Truly, not yo be insulting but I can’t decide if your actually that innocent in your thinking, that far out of the loop, blind or simply that trusting of human nature, politicians, or of our government overall. One single additional word in any law could positively devastate your world. That word is “retroactive”. Plus you have surely heard the saying, ‘everyone has a twin’? Do you think that you could track and document every moment of your life for even the last 3yrs let alone the past 5 or 10yrs?


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