Assuming I’m just an old lady was your first mistake shirt

Assuming I’m just an old lady was your first mistake shirt



Andrew White In the broader sense, yes. But in this one specific instance, no. The Republicans try over and over to push religion as government. IE, the abortion ban. The Democrats don’t have anything to fight, they see bodily autonomy as an inherent human right. They’re going to keep coming after women. They don’t care about abortion, if they did, they’d work to prevent them, not shame women and police access to BC and Assuming I’m just an old lady was your first mistake shirt. I was being satirical. Probably don’t want to click that like button on my comment, I’m talking shit about your society and you’re not noticing. It’s sarcasm and satire. I’m calling you all racist and pointing out your misandry. I’m also shedding light on how fascist practices are becoming the norm amongst the “left” and the right, equally. Edward Maslak, I think you’re grossly overstating the impact of your original statement. It’s obviously sarcastic, but it doesn’t convey a clear idea about whatever “our society” is nor does it comment on racism, misandry, fascism, or politics. Lawmakers will never stop pushing through blatantly unconstitutional anti-abortion legislation until they’re held personally financially responsible for repaying their state for all the public time and money they waste passing these bills and unsuccessfully defending them in court. They think they’re working when they’re just wasting time and tax dollars. But, their lawyer buddies are going to make a lot of money (tax dollars) fighting this in court. Their laws are meant to slow down the government and appear to be giving their conservative base some satisfaction.


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