Ask me what for dinner one more time shirt

Ask me what for dinner one more time shirt



Chad McAllister first of all, ai and automation is gonna wipe out like about half the job market so everyone will be Ubi in a decade unless they just want everyone to be homeless. Truckers will be first and that’s the single most popular job in America. You care more about the property than lives. You don’t even know the meaning of the word “ethics”. But I don’t doubt your command of the word “bankrupt”. You care more about your politics than actual lives, which just makes you a sociopath. UBI will never become a thing because we adapt to technology. If Venezuela is your dream then you need to wake up. Chad McAllister, What lives? Wendy’s employees that are alive and well? God damn, you’re twisted. I’m talking about people actually dying, not whatever the fuck constitutes a “life” in your deluded argument. Also, Venezuela was never given a fair shot, the second they nationalized oil America ensured they didn’t get to play in the world economic sandbox anymore. That’s the model in central and South America, American industry takes all the money, the left organized and kicks then out, then we sanction them into the ground, stage a coup, and blame it on socialism, so American industry can swoop back in, and people like you will be afraid of the economic policies that benefit you. Lee White maybe if the racist shit seeping assholes like yourself would stop pretending they are protesters the burning at actual protests would not happen. Don’t try to pretend you don’t know what I am talking about. Only children deny what has been proven. Why are we not going after the private prison industry? That’s literal slavery and arguably does more damage to black people than all the bad cops combined could ever manage. Mike McMullen, they are just being fashionable I am glad to see one person out there that gets it. Private prisons are the Ask me what for dinner one more time shirt of the evil statues and pancake syrup has nothing to do with it.


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