And by K I mean shirt



This is absolutely terrible. Apple photo Id recognition constantly has my kids mixed up. There’s always someone who looks like someone else. What happens when the cops try to apprehend someone that’s the wrong person? The same thing that happened when DNA was first introduced as a “foolproof” science even though the science was anything but – people will be convicted, sentenced, and even put to death, only to be exonerated years, or even DECADES, later. How do you undo a state-sanctioned execution, again? How do you give someone decades of their life back? You’ll do realize that if you have a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, passport, etc, your face is already in a database to be cross-referenced anyways? Same with your fingerprints if you’ve ever applied for a ten years federal background check. Having a single static picture in a database that only serves a purpose to identify you when looked up is completely different than an AI that can track where you are at all times and keep tabs on you. Sacred Wind Ministries but think about it. You’re a law-abiding citizen doing nothing wrong. What exactly do you fear? At the same time, consider those who are murderers, drug dealers, pedophiles, human traffickers–isn’t it work having your face scanned to send them hiding like roaches? Jon Garrett, So you lost me at “drug dealers”. Is enforcing moral purity so important that you want to allow strangers to look into every aspect of your life…what you watch on TV, what you do on the And by K I mean shirt, what you think about when playing with yourself, and so on…just so you can feel like you are “safe” from somebody else doing drugs in the privacy of their own home?


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