Anatomy of a pew shirt



Carolyn Courtright, Why do you want them here? So they can put 50 into one apartment, collect welfare, and drink 40’s in bags outside of every gas station from one corner of the Anatomy of a pew shirt to the next? How many lawns can they mow or apples they can pick? All with a 3rd-grade education if that? We don’t want them here or their tents and filth. Carolyn Courtright if you can’t tell the difference between a “freeloading, system player” from someone who’s a legitimate asylum seeker, then please leave the heavy thinking to the officials in charge. It’s bleeding heart idiots like YOU who only care about illegals and doing anything you can to tear down President Trump and his administration. Obviously the Constitution is a document you simply do not understand, nor respect. Carolyn Courtright first of all the quote you’ve chosen is an inscription on a statue, but to your query, not a thing has “changed”, no reasonable person is against peoples immigrating and /or seeking protective asylum in our country IF they do it in the established and legal means, and only attempt entry through established points and ports of entry. Nearly every country that the wave after wave of people coming up through Mexico are from, would imprison, ( IF you’re lucky), any citizen of this country caught entering through a border illegally, and hold them indefinitely with no trial, or even a hope of seeing freedom again … those who are fortunate enough to live at all.


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