All these treaty rights and still not treated right shirt

All these treaty rights and still not treated right shirt



Kathryn Johanknecht Hate to burst your bubble buttercup, but nobody “has the right” to illegally violate an international border, despite your fragile feelies. Try doing that into North Korea and see how that works out for you. Coyote Shivers A bald-faced lie. He has the legal right to seek asylum here, it’s sad that this country’s laws mean nothing to you. Trump tried to criminalize border crossings for asylum seekers and failed. I don’t live in NK, what a ridiculous deflection. I’m sorry the real world hurts your feels, but facts truly don’t care about your feels. Coyote Shivers More lies. Trump lost those lawsuits too. Again, we can all read the court documents, there is no reason to lie about them. Both international and federal law says that you can cross anywhere and seek asylum. Trump was caught blocking the POEs, they had no choice but to cross in between. You can’t claim asylum unless you’re on US soil. Trump tried to criminalize asylum-seeking, but he failed. He has lost so many lawsuits at the border, I’ve lost count. If you actually read the source you troll, you would know all of this. Court documents don’t lie, pal. I’m sorry that just saying Trump’s name really triggers you. Yikes dude, it really makes you lose it. And you sure do giggle a lot, what an odd man you are. Would you like me to link the asylum law and all of the lawsuits that he lost? Or can you google them on your own? We all have access to the internet, ignorance is a choice. And you even lie about what words mean. Why is that? Just because your vocabulary is limited, doesn’t mean everyone’s is. Coyote Shivers Huh? What obsession? You just can’t help lying, can you? How is talking about the All these treaty rights and still not treated right shirt of this post an obsession? Get a grip. Your lies and giggling are out of control.


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