all of the otter reindeer shirt

all of the otter reindeer shirt



Robert William Oh yeah? No privacy whatsoever, sleeping on a hard concrete floor, listening to every cough and sneeze of everyone around you as you try to sleep, not knowing when or if you’ll ever be released or if your children will be taken away from you… yep, sounds pretty cozy. Then why don’t you go and switch places with one of the immigrants and asylum seekers there then, and see for yourself what your Fuhrer has been subjecting them too! Roger Dean Grubb that’s awesome you say that, because I was literally just there, took pictures and all, I was very proud. I think you need to get out of your sweaty momma’s basement and look around at the world you live in, son. I’m gonna be great by the way, and I identify as a Tyrannosaurus rex, I’d appreciate it if you addressed me by my proper pronoun from here on out. Thank you, and don’t forget to vote Trump in 2020 and eat Chick-fil-a once a weak. Carol Rocco, you’re talking about Mexico or one of the other South American countries from where these people came right? Surely your not talking about the United States? Robert Weigel Kind of like we did to the blameless children, seized them/detained them/imprisoned them and ultimately sent them to a court of law without representation. We didn’t even keep good enough records to reunite some of them with family. Because concentration camps and mismanaged facilities are so much better than sleeping out in nature, as risky as that can be at times as well. Bryan Haas, it’s true. Remember how arrogant that asshole John Cusack was posting those pictures all over his twitter calling out Trump as a monster, just to find out that all of the otter reindeer shirt were from 2014 under Obama? He retracted his statement pretty damn quick about it.


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