All I want for christmas is you just kidding I want elephants shirt

All I want for christmas is you just kidding I want elephants shirt



Wonderful Democratic Victory, Mr. Beshear of Kentucky! Now, let’s get rid of Moscow Mitch. So we Americans might have a chance of moving progress & regaining our fading Dignity taken away by Moscow Mitch. I agree, Sharon. Bevin and Trump have all the Koolaid drinkers scared of change. Their lies are embedded deep within their followers as the truth. Now we shall see the truth. We can only go up from here! Let’s get rid of all the pond scum that is toxic to our country. Moscow Mitch and Cheetoh must go! Sharon Johnson ahh so you’re happy you got a college education to not make the proper amount of money? If you didn’t have to pay out 1/3 of your check-in taxes and there wasn’t an overabundance of workers in your field your hard work would be paying and u wouldn’t need help. Kevin Heiden I would rather pay taxes to help a struggling individual, couple, or family than pay taxes to support a military-industrial complex that has gobbled up trillions of dollars to fight endless, unwinnable wars that have very little to do with national security and everything about feathering the pockets of its stockholders. Emily Winters are you thick? If we didn’t have a defense 9-11 wouldn’t be a day in history but multiple days. let’s disband our army and see how fast we are killed by Islamic terrorists that want to kill us because we don’t have the same religious beliefs.. man the IQ level hear is scary low. Sharon Johnson ahh ok I’m glad your ok with working needing assistance because you have to pay for others that don’t want to work but your not gonna get help from my tax dollars because you want to help someone that doesn’t want to work. Bribery, which is listed as one of the two impeachable items in the All I want for Christmas is you just kidding I want elephants shirt. That’s the problem. He is not been truthful with the American people. He thinks his word is all the people need, but when his words begin to show he’s lying or asking foreign governments for assistance in digging dirt on his opponent. We are America and we do not ask foreign governments to look into our people. Fiscally may have done some important things up front, but has begun to play with issues like Medicare and Medicaid and that sets hard in the laps of those that struggle



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