All I want for christmas is Sam Elliott shirt

All I want for christmas is Sam Elliott shirt



Sandra McGann, I do not agree with the ban, but not for the All I want for christmas is Sam Elliott shirt that you’ve stated. I want to correct your statement in case someone reading this faces this choice. I have a child with DS and know plenty of people of various ages with DS. With better medical treatment and early intervention, outcomes have changed dramatically over the years. The life expectancy is now close to typical, and though it is a spectrum, the vast majority of kids and adults with DS live a joyful life of purpose. The depiction that you gave of a completely dependent adult would actually be rare, and usually kids who have a dual diagnosis of DS and ASD. There is no prenatal test for ASD, so any potential pregnancy includes taking that risk (and also being a spectrum). Sandra McGann what a bunch of cheerful outlooks. I have a daughter with Down syndrome and it’s way not as bleak as you’re all saying. Sad to say some people think it will be that bad because they aren’t properly educated or can’t see through their grief or their fear, and so choose to have an abortion and that is their choice. They have a right to their choice no matter what I would think or feel about that. Shawn Smith fighting for three right to choose, the right to live as they are born (see lgbtq+), the right to a living wage, healthcare, the treatment of people as people (see border camps). Yep, all these things are because of atte because we don’t care about others. Shawn Smith Whatever a person’s reason for ending a pregnancy, only the pregnant person has the right to decide whether to birth a child. There is no right for strangers to tell her she has to meet their expectations for a reason. It is her choice, not yours.


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