All I need today is a little bit of Skillet and a whole lot of Jesus shirt



Kapuanani Virginia Lee Johnson science, overpopulation, PTSD, genetic and chromosomal and hormonal variance. that’s why it’s real it’s provable and it doesn’t matter how you feel about it science doesn’t care about your feelings or about your faith. And I forgot the most important thing here in America we have a freedom to worship and live how we choose once that freedom has been imputed upon it is our duty to stand up to laws that seek out certain groups of people to focus on it’s the reason why I’m against kids in cages it’s the All I need today is a little bit of Skillet and a whole lot of Jesus shirt why I am against Mass deportation or closing our borders it is the reason why I am against any rule that makes it any more difficult for someone of a different culture to get a loan because equality means just that it doesn’t mean just because I have suffered I need more than you it means everybody gets the same damn thing! Mike Conley Why so much later? Why the delay? Why is progress so sluggish and gradual instead of instantaneous? We need to impose LBGTQ rights on everybody else whether they like it or not. To hell with settling for less and to hell with baby steps. I want instant change. Top-down, not bottom-up. Kapuanani Virginia Lee Johnson nothing in the water, its been happening a while, all the information around now is helping people be who they are. It’s not an American thing. Kapuanani Virginia Lee Johnson I am consumed with curiosity as to why it matters to you. What has a transgendered person ever done to you? Directly and specifically to you. All they’re asking is to be treated the same as everyone else is treated. The same. Not more. Not better than. Just the same. That hurts absolutely no one. That takes nothing away from you. Herman Frisbee because I don’t answer for others. If that’s who they want to be who am I to say how to live. What does there choice effect in my life? Nothing. They didn’t ask for my approval, why would I judge. That’s God’s job. I was taught to love one another.


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