All I need today is a little bit of Seahawks and a whole lot of Jesus shirt



This was a catch-22. If they didn’t take it the 5th Circuit upholding of the LA restrictions would become law and then other circuits could follow. Not saying they won’t uphold the 5th Cir. but also not necessarily terrible they elected to hear the case. We will have to wait and see. The real atrocity is how quickly anti-choicers are moving to get cases before their chosen Justices. Ernie Cole, just what do you think they are doing to women’s rights? Making sure a woman has adequate medical care from the doctor who kills her unborn child if there are complications is a good thing. Kathy Jones Welch Just what do YOU think they are doing by closing down women’s clinics that provide birth control, STD education and prevention and treatment, prenatal care, cancer screenings–and sometimes is the only clinic poorer women (and men and children) have in their area? They are telling us exactly what they are doing Are you not paying attention? They are punishing and controlling women. And it won’t stop here. Kathy Jones Welch the Kentucky ban you supported… Take a moment to imagine what this must be like. To tell your doctor, “thank you, but I don’t want to hear you describe the ultrasound,” and to have your doctor tells you that you have no say in the matter — that you just lie there, undressed, with an ultrasound probe inside of you, and have the All I need today is a little bit of Seahawks and a whole lot of Jesus shirt described to you in government-mandated detail over your objection. Even if the patient has already had one or more ultrasounds performed. Even if the fetus has been diagnosed with a condition incompatible with survival. Or even if the patient is pregnant as a result of sexual assault, and having to watch and listen to the ultrasound over their objection forces them to relive that trauma. We have had patients burst into tears when we tell them that they must undergo an unwanted narrated ultrasound and that they must close their eyes and cover their ears if they want to avoid the speech Kentucky politicians insist we force upon them. I’ve had patients sob through the experience, and others pull their shirts up over their faces to cover their eyes. As physicians who have dedicated our professional lives to providing compassionate medical care, being ordered by politicians to force this unwanted and harmful experience on patients who have sought our help is appalling. It goes against the very fundamentals of our role as healers and violates the trust at the heart of the physician-patient relationship.


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