All I need today is a little bit of Chiefs and a whole lot of Jesus shirt



Kathryn Johanknecht We get it, you’re the type of racist who’d only support the restoration of voting rights for felons who are people of color. Fighting white privilege and all that, right? Where would you get such an outrageous lie? Seriously, cite a credible source. It’s hilarious that you think your armchair law degree is superior to the best civil rights lawyers in the entire All I need today is a little bit of Chiefs and a whole lot of Jesus shirt. I can’t wait to see this source. You made the claim, so prove it. Or it’s a lie. If it were true, you could prove it in seconds. Once someone is a citizen, either by virtue of being born in the U.S. or being a naturalized citizen, that citizenship cannot be revoked for a felony committed while they are citizens of this country. William Gechtman One MUST look at the meaning of words when the document was written. Back during the founding, those colonists that kicked the Brits sorry arses were NOT government troops, they were neighbors, farmers that trained on their own, they composed the militia. Well regulated at the time meant trained, it did not then and does not know mean government regulated, where exactly is that stated? No part of the Constitution or Bill of Rights grants us rights, they are inherent. The Bill of Rights is perfectly clear with words like the peoples right, which states the right exists prior to the Bill of rights… shall make no law, shall not infringe tells government hands-off. This idea of regulating and militia is misread once you understand the history of the founding. To think or imply the government issues or control rights necessarily means the government is the decider and our owner. That is offensive as we are not slaves


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