Alcohol the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt

Alcohol the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt



ACLU is about rights. Not the rights of billionaires, they have better lawyers. Your point is taken about social interest taking the lead over freedom, but it must be so especially if the free actors in question are culpable for the Alcohol the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt weighing the other side of the scale. So they should work for less than a living wage? Why should they help enrich the owner of the franchise and of the corporation, at the expense of their own well being? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just shoot rich people and take their stuff? Rich people have no more right to live on this planet than poor people. Nothing like the right-wing to come here and tell us that other people’s lives don’t exist. Cause there’s no way people find themselves in a position where the choice is employment entirely on employers’ terms or homelessness. But if someone is in the right place at the wrong time the food workers are just as dead as a war combatant on the front lines! Either from COVID or someone who has it and refuses to wear a mask or some nut with a gun! Happens all the time! And dead in the linework or war makes a person dead! Not less dead or more dead, just dead!  Jeremy Davidheiser because that’s what they’ve been trained to think. But they will keep ordering, keeping yelling and keep looking down on those people there for THEIR service. To make their lives more convenient but don’t expect them to be able to live for the work they are putting in. Rob Rainone because most people today realize they must learn a skill or receive an education to earn a livable wage. These low paying jobs have not kept up with inflation because there are more higher-paying jobs available. Anyone staying at these jobs is unskilled and can easily be replaced. Did you ever stop to think that many of these people who are “flipping hamburgers” are simply working to support themselves while they are getting a better education? I know that I worked some jobs in order to pay for college education and books! Imagine thinking that wages stagnating for like 20 years while companies record exponential increases in profit means “we can’t raise the minimum wage.” Prices wouldn’t have to go up, executive pay would have to go down, like, a little bit.


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