Ain’t no laws when you’re santa claus shirt



Walter L. Hayes that could quite possibly be the single most incorrect and blindly brain-numbing comment I have ever seen on social media. Wow. Just wow. This must be right from the Hannity/Alex Jones locker of crazy. Brilliant. Catherine Grovum. Yes, but if you read the heading of this link it says “voting is a constitutional right” meaning the UI.S. Constitution, which is not. Once you are convicted of a crime the 13th Amendment allows us to strip you of your rights, which includes the right to vote. I’m not saying is right or wrong. Just stating a fact. Walter L. Hayes 1. Conviction of a crime does not strip one of all their rights. If that were the case, prisoners wouldn’t be able to file as much litigation as they do and win many of those legal battles. There are other amendments in the constitution that protects certain rights of incarcerated individuals. 2. What I’m saying is that Amendments perpetuating this can be modified and amended, and should, regardless of whether it is at the federal or state level. 3. It is wrong to perpetuate an ideology of slavery in this country, which makes it even more urgent to do something about it. We’ve changed unjust laws and amendments before. We have a moral and ethical obligation to make fundamental changes. Catherine Grovum on the same token, we have a moral obligation to not commit crimes, yet we do! We also have the “moral” obligation to protect law-abiding citizens from criminals. The rules are set, you commit a crime you are going to be punished. The Ain’t no laws when you’re santa claus shirt is in the court of the criminals. We have the moral obligation to protect the law-abiding. It is immoral to take the side of the law breakers.


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