Ain’t no laws when you drink with claus shirt

Ain’t no laws when you drink with claus shirt



Push it down the Americans throats, forcing the middle class to pay for it. All the while those who we elected to represent us in Washington are/will be on a completely different healthcare plan. Reveal the plan she has and will continue to keep. Hypocrite. Well if the Dems wouldn’t have been working on all things of Hate Trump you all might have gotten some work done on healthcare and other major issues instead of trying to pull a coup on the President. What Obamacare did for this country, the Sanders/Warren Bill will completely decimate our healthcare system and much, much more. We must not let this happen. Cost 149 million jobs, Cost every man, woman, and child $10k EACH a year, Cost all of us Doctors down the road that will not go into the medical field. Cost us all in the months and years we will have to wait to get medical services. The system we have needs to be improved but her idea will cost in many thousands of lives lost and kill medical advancements. Joshua Evans, profits pay for research and development. The research and development that continues paving the way for advancements like MRI’s, robotic surgery, and CRISPR. If you don’t reward success you will get failure. Not everyone in this world is willing to work out of the goodness of their hearts. Yes, there are many that will and do but it would never be enough to provide for 330,000,000 people, let alone 7.5 Billion. If the government ran the entire show the costs would skyrocket and the quality of care would drop to the lowest common denominator. Look at how the VA is run. Look at how the DMV is run. Look at the California Highway Patrol who now spends more on pensioners than on activity duty officers. Look at Social Security that is insolvent. Look at the Department of Defense that continues to pay contractors whether they deliver on a new plane or not. Look at the Department of Energy that has the knowledge to build and provide to the masses the cleanest and most abundant form of energy known to man and they build bombs with it instead. The U.S. government spends over twice as much on the drug war than they do on NASA yet Americans continue to spend nearly the same amount towards illegal drugs. See where this is going? Their priorities will cause the medical Ain’t no laws when you drink with claus shirt to change in ways you can’t expect and based on their horrible track record around the world I’d put my money down on it not being a good priority. The elimination of healthy competition with healthy profits has never led to the success of anything in this world. At least nothing successful and long-lasting. Wake up. The real world doesn’t work like fairy tales.


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