Aggressive nirnroot noises shirt

Aggressive nirnroot noises shirt



It is so hard for me to take any stand on the sports questions. I’m all about fairness and lack sufficient knowledge to draw any conclusions, either way. I will rely on the research of scientists. Unfortunately today, that does little, I think, to help those affected. A lot of women do not want biological men to compete in their sports, it’s not a coordinated attack and this is not equality, you are overreaching and taking away the rights of women to compete on a level playing field. I am deeply disappointed in the ACLU. Health care should be 100% about what the patient needs and what is right for the patient, their health and their safety. As a nurse, I put my personal feelings aside all the time because it’s not actually about me at that moment. What was it that ER doctors were told by politicians in regards to gun violence? I believe it was “stay in your lane”. Maybe politicians should take their own advice on this one. SRS is rare for transgender adults who transition. It is practically unheard of for transgender children. However, it is common for unnecessary genital reconstructive surgery is performed on intersex children in their infancy. Even when the sex assigned to intersex children doesn’t make them effectively transgender “normalizing” surgery often causes nerve damage which can prevent them from being able to enjoy sex when they are adults as well as chronic pain issues. Instead of opposing surgery which happens only in your imagination how about doing something to fight harmful surgery that happens in the real world. Healthcare, yes. Sports, no. Unfair competitive advantage. Someone with a Y chromosome should not be competing in women’s sports. The advantage has been shown over and over. I am an avid supporter of the ACLU. The Aggressive nirnroot noises shirt is just wrong.


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