ADHD it’s not a disability it’s a different ability shirt

ADHD it’s not a disability it’s a different ability shirt



I like having statistical analytics on my website and FB page, but I technically don’t need it. If I’m uncomfortable with how my web host or Facebook manages their data collection, I should be able to disable that function for my site or my page and thus not be considered a co-manager or co-owner of data I don’t control. But I can’t disable it or easily find a way to disable it, because those hosting companies make money from that data and don’t want to host content that doesn’t contribute to that. So I’m stuck having to try to come up with good-enough privacy policy and hope that these larger companies won’t mess up and get me entangled in a legal problem of their making. Likewise, I think I should be the sole collector of data of people who choose to follow my page or subscribe to my site, but I’m not. The hosting sites also collect and use data that I have no control over. Yet, I can be legally on the hook for that, too, under some of the existing laws. These are practical issues that need to be addressed aggressively, as they fight for online privacy is moving very quickly. And the way our government has historically allowed the major internet companies to blur the lines over their actual roles and business models is not helping matters. If new laws don’t address the issue of how the internet is structured, then the ADHD it’s not a disability it’s a different ability shirt may end up being weaponized by major companies to take control of or suppress smaller companies and independent voices. What is this happy horse shit?! NO! We do not consent to your poorly marketed attempt at Censorship! If anyone agrees to this subterfuge it will amount to further erosion of your individual and personal freedoms. John Graham Mellor–I’m a GDPR Compliance Officer for the company I work for. I’m well aware of what GDPR is and how CCPA differs. I work with our legal department to standardize all of our comm and e-catalog real estate online. The back story to how CCPA came to be is an immensely interesting one that started as an act of personal concern turned to greed. Having said that, and as I mentioned before, our legislators will fuck it all up for corporate interests.


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