A girl who really loved wine it was me the end shirt

A girl who really loved wine it was me the end shirt



Shelly Braz, They’re not wearing name-tags, Shelly. The agents are anonymous. As to your other comment about “rioters,” there’s no rioting just some graffiti and removing plywood from the federal building. It’s not awful in Portland, life goes on quite comfortably downtown even during the demonstrations. I live just outside Portland, for reference. AJ Kuypers and I honestly want to know why you feel the rights of criminals are more important than the rights of the business owners/law enforcement officers they are attacking? You did hear that officers were blinded by lasers flashed in their eyes. They have had concussions, broken bones, been killed by these people but for some reason, people such as yourself feel that their rights are violated but not the police officers? Why? AJ Kuypers, have you ever worked in law enforcement? Do you have any idea of the government procedures and policies that must be followed to a T or the entire department could lose reaccreditation losing funding at all levels? You think that these men and women are having a jolly time at these riots, risking life and limb because they are masochists who love paperwork? You and Ray have convinced me that peaceful, lovely human beings such as the young men and women tossing frozen drinks to officers for their thirst and providing free light shows for their entertainment, oh and let’s not forget the fire to keep them warm at night and trying valiantly to keep them all safely locked up in a building to enjoy said fire is all in the right. Have a good night. I would like to mention that the only A girl who really loved wine it was me the end shirt being targeted are Democrats. Also, like the Secret police of Nazi Germany, they answer directly to Trump, not the courts or law enforcement or even State or Federal laws. Be careful not to drink the kool-aid, especially if you believe everything Trump is feeding you. Note to his need to control the dialogue silencing anyone/reporters who do not buy into his propaganda!


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