A different world shirt

A different world shirt



I like how you don’t even bother to try to deny or justify things. You go straight for, “They’re hurting the people I want them to hurt and I like it.” You’ve found your home in Trump’s America. I hope people don’t let you blend back in after this administration finds its place in history’s garbage. It can be done the wrong way, yes. That is why we have due process. It is literally a right laid out in the constitution to protect citizens from the government snatching people up and driving off with them in the middle of the night. The courts decide who is guilty, not the police, not the CBP, not the media. That is a lot of speculation against the ACLU. You also speculate favorably for the government that they are innocent. The actions of the government do not appear so innocent and will be seen in court for it. Which is what the ACLU has a long track record of doing. People having rights is beside the point I made. The ACLU isn’t commenting on rights, but on a race movement that isn’t the basis for why the feds are detaining who they’re detaining. The ACLU is pretending that the feds are somehow against fighting for black lives for merely stopping criminal activity. And to your point of these people having rights. Obama signed into law that people merely need to be labeled suspected terrorists or belligerents to suspend all of their rights, as per the NDAA of 2012. Did the ACLU say anything in this post about bringing that part of the NDAA to court? No, they completely skipped the most pertinent point of the A different world shirt, something that would most pertain to the reasons why they originally existed, but went straight to race-baiting with false framing. The ACLU is doing this because they have become corrupted by neo-Marxist activists.


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