A child of God a woman of faith a warrior of christ shirt

A child of God a woman of faith a warrior of christ shirt



Your friends at the MSM claim Trump is responsible because blacks are falling to the virus. Just pointed out where the blame really lies. But I understand that something factual makes me a racist. I do agree that some of the replies were racist, but I won’t stifle someone’s rights, even if I do not agree with them. Woody Palmer Whatever problems there have been in the past with voter harvesting and illegal folks voting, they all pale in comparison to the number of instances where legitimate voters have been unable to vote because of Republican dirty tricks such as wide-scale voter disenfranchisement, reduction in a number of polling places, early closure of polling places, and outright massive fraud in not counting ballots in certain democratic leaning enclaves. Voting by mail makes much more sense and is inherently more secure. I have yet to receive my absentee ballot for the April 7th Wisconsin primary. I was able to vote at the polls. As a person in a high-risk category for complications from COVID 19, I have been self-isolating. It was disappointing and frustrating to have to go to a public polling place. As we have found on multiple occasions in this state, mail-in voting is rife with fraud, and especially when the Democrats ( as they are now ) in the sole power of everything. Are you that dim? In California and Texas alone, there were over a million registered voters that did not have the right to vote. Look it up or are you afraid of what you might find with a little research? Jay Demme looking at your FB page it becomes apparent how breathtakingly ignorant you are. You are confused – terribly – about the coronavirus pandemic and the utility of shelter-in-place. For bonus points, you manage to grunt out “Sheeple” every few posts. And so it is with this topic as well. Ignorant and wrong, but convinced of your rightness. A heady mix! I just did. Look it up yourself or are you afraid of what you will find? Damn, you liberals just hate the A child of God a woman of faith a warrior of christ shirt. I worked for a company that hired non-citizens and they bragged about voting. I have even seen it personally.


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