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Knowing what you will probably deal with can only prepare you so far. Meghan mentally what she might have to deal with, but emotions are not logical. I don’t consider myself to be a fan of hers, but I am a mother and know the kinds of emotions being pregnant, giving birth, and having young children can bring out in myself. So while I am not a fan, she does have my respect as a mother and woman. My heart goes out to her. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that being a celebrity; royal or otherwise; is not an easy road. But add motherhood into the mix, it has to be extremely tough. The people who made those messages wouldn’t know how to hunt if they had the book on it. Those folks might want to be careful. Because actual hunters know how to hunt. We know the nooks and crannies and hiding spots and terrain. You won’t last long. Matthew Cunningham yea, that’s what I said. Glad to see that you can read. And no. I don’t plan on giving them a cavity search. But if they were going to “hunt the hunted”, something would enter their body cavity. Thinking a small projectile traveling at a few hundred feet per second. Consciousness is sacred and it takes a higher mind to accept that if you cause the conscious harm you are inflicting unnecessary pain into the world. I need to work harder on it I still occasionally eat meat. if you have no other A Charlie Brown christmas 50th anniversary shirt or option I understand, but even mice are conscious. its why late-term abortions should be illegal. if you are conscious your suffering matters. Greg Sherry Wallace that wasn’t the ops point. She was saying that they were so poor they had to buy guns, bullets, hunting permits and spend a bunch of time hunting in order to eat. Grocery store and a part-time job is cheaper, quicker and easier, that’s all I’m saying. Eat whatever you want, just don’t lie about it.


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