6ft back or 6ft under shirt

6ft back or 6ft under shirt



As usual with government-held in gridlock by Republicans, a day late and a dollar short. And boy did this comments section turn in to a shitshow. Aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine, J Eliot? Just hope you’re never arrested and held because you can’t make bail. That can be deadly today. Not what I meant. I know people in prison with no place to go and it is so typical of politicians to do quick fixes that I wrongly assumed they didn’t bother to see if people had a family to go to. The people I knew did not. Nonviolent criminals – yes. Violence – murder, attempted murder, rape, child molestation, armed robbery – no way. The 6ft back or 6ft under shirt they are in prison in the first place is to protect everyone else from them. I hope those distinctions are made. Yes I have no violence I work I’m just worried about catching the virus is in a halfway house I just wanted to know if the ACLU could answer questions pertaining to my rights? I don’t want to be lectured about drugs I went to treatment on my own then he put me in halfway house. When people realize that Psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and Psychologists found ways and methods of becoming the voices in peoples’ heads, then people realize schizophrenia is no accident. Not sure. But the number seems to be increasing and it is not limited to American Physicians. A couple of them have appeared on Fox. And their interviews ( along with the Larry King episode that implicated Biden’s sexual scandal) have been pulled by YouTube for not towing the Party Line. It’s like I said. The quest for equity won’t make it better for those at the bottom, just worse for everyone else. In theory, as I also said, it’s a beautiful idea. Peace on earth and fairness and justice among men and women. But the ideals require humanity to be something that it just is not. The ideals are corrupted by humans and exploited by terrible people that take everything for themselves. They make it worse for everyone but themselves while they reap every benefit.


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