6feet mother fuck shirt

6feet mother fuck shirt


Any settlement needs to come with consequences for the officers involved. Police violate our rights, and then we the taxpayers are on the hook to compensate the victims! Nothing will change unless cops have an incentive to respect civil rights. POCs have been talking about and demonstrating about these issues for years upon years. And yet, it keeps happening. They’re angry. Maybe if the government would make the changes, the reaction would be different. However, look at US history. Every single huge change in society was brought forth after riots and violence. It’s sad, but y’all don’t hear them otherwise. Shelley Fitzsimmons let me guess, the suspect was apprehended and sentenced? Your family got some kind of justice? I’m sorry that happened to your husband, but it’s a good thing it was gang-related and not shot by a cop or you’d never see justice. That’s why their protesting. Because racist cops keep murdering Black folks and getting away with it. Like Breonna Taylor’s murder that still has no arrests after more than 160 days. You guys there’s no possible way she can comprehend the 6feet mother fuck shirt that businesses can be rebuilt but the dead are gone forever. She truly doesn’t understand that human lives are more valuable than property. Or maybe she does, and her definition of “human” is “white Republican”. Anyone outside of that margin is fair game to be shot down. The cops don’t do the job they are paid for? That’s my experience, as well. Luckily, since we’re white, at least we don’t have to be worried about being murdered for no reason while they don’t do their jobs. Shelley Fitzsimmons stop with the fascist Trump shit. They’re talking about people like unarmed, peaceful 53yo Navy vet Christopher David who will need surgery due to injuries sustained when beaten by trump thugs. Are you just a lemming or an a-hole? Angie Wilson yeah it’s nice, isn’t it? To have people speak as Americans from all backgrounds and races while you sit in your leftist hate filled bigot world asking yourself who is victimizing you today and how can I hate them more than I hate myself….hey but you keep fisting each other with the Marxist BLM fist you guys like so much. The rest of us will just roll our eyes and when you’re a 65 years old homeless anarchist remembering the good ole days of the black fisting you loved…we’ll have a good laugh.


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