60th birthday 2020 the year when shit got real quarantined shirt

60th birthday 2020 the year when shit got real quarantined shirt



Scott Beach regardless of the truth behind that. I won’t be taking any “fun facts” from a moron like yourself.
As I’ve stated before, you nor myself, can change the minds of others. Especially those who are blind to racism, misogyny, greed, and selfishness. I’m over you and your toxic behavior. Go have an argument or rather, go back to your cesspool of Trump-loving mouth breathers. Ryan Knapp, I appreciate your efforts to pass the message China is the origin of coronavirus. I doubt anyone anywhere disputes this fact. What is disputed is this: because this virus is from China, is the reason the US did not properly and substantially respond with aggressive efforts because China said not to respond? So many potential possibilities, so little time… What I seriously think is, he might be waiting on China to tell him what he is supposed to do, I just wish he would admit it, and get it over with that he has not the first clue what he is doing. I think that admission would be better than what he is doing now. Don’t you? Racism and the reality of it are beyond the reach of racists because they’re ignorant fucks. And here you are, vociferously advocating for the ignorant, racist fucks. The 60th birthday 2020 the year when shit got real quarantined shirt that “you can’t be racist to a non-race” is fucking ludicrous on its face because race isn’t a legitimate biological category. There are no different races of people. There are only humans. The race is a cultural construct used to promote systemic racism and oppression of people based on a variety of characteristics, including skin tone and ancestral heritage. That’s fucking racism. Just like calling the coronavirus the “Kung flu,” or the “Chinese flu,” or whatever other goddamn epithet racist dipshits think is clever. So, racism is always, without exception, leveled at people who “aren’t a race.” They’re leveled at people who are not white, in an attempt by people who are (and those who unfortunately have successfully internalized racism) to demonstrate that they are superior. They’re not. Not biologically, not intellectually, and not morally.


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