6 inches is enough shirt

6 inches is enough shirt



Mankind these senseless foolish acts of violence has to STOP! Smarten and wise up humans, stop foolishly throwing your lives away! Seek professional mental help if your feeling as though you becoming mentally unhinged. Learn to walk away from stupidity rather than being controlled by stupidity! Things have to positively change. Mark Kogos the only information I could find was from a Chinese newspaper and Vox, a well known leftist rag. But even if he did so, so what? The president has the authority to declassify anything, so he did not break any rules. What else ya got? The Democrats are causing this country to crumble. They are paralyzing productivity, shackling our President’s ability to govern our country and polarizing Americans. I predict their actions and borderline criminal behavior will backfire so badly that it will be many, many years before A Democrat will be president. People have had enough of this crap! I don’t want a man like Trump running this country, with family members his advisors. It’s like a darned dictatorship with the Trumps walking all over the 6 inches is enough shirt. Let’s have a fresh start and get back to the shining city on the hill again. Andrea Decker Please tell us how Democrats are causing this country to crumble and paralyzing productivity, shackling the President’s ability to govern our country and polarizing Americans. Andrea Decker The Dems and rhinos are way over borderline! They are treasonous POS!!! Mitt Romney needs to be thrown in the crowd of rhinos because communists blackmailed him to loose the 2012 election. Romney is another crooked pedophile that needs put down like Ole Yeller!


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