420 Weed 2020 the year when shit got real quarantined shirt

420 Weed 2020 the year when shit got real quarantined shirt



I can attest to that. Spent a year in county jail a decade ago. Needless to say having a tooth pulled while in full restraints was pretty unnerving, but I was the one who made a shitty choice and that was part of the consequences. I have seen many people call undocumented persons “animals” so unfortunately we need to change the mindset of many “God-fearing” Americans to help these people, and to appreciate and care about our fellow humans no matter their legal status I refuse to argue with anyone about this. It’s impossible to help when you have corruption between the helper and the helped.
With the border open it’s a cost too much because there are not deep enough pockets to steal from. We should see Hollywood doing concerts or really getting involved with sponsoring these people. But you don’t. You hear their mouth but do they really care? I have never seen anyone call them animals. I’ve seen propaganda and lies about that. They are illegal immigrants, NOT illegal humans, like the Left wants to deceptively spin it, just present in another country illegally. That’s it, no one wishes ill on them. I wish we could help them in their own countries. Margie Borja Catlett you know many of the people currently in these jails are not illegals..they are refugees. And it is legal for a person to claim refugee status. Always has been. I am an immigrant too. So is most of my family. I know what they are going through and would gladly allow them to have the same as I have had. A chance to a better life. Hillary Herbopelis He said nothing racist at all, in fact he is as far from being a racist as it gets, don’t know about you however. You sound like you might have severe issues, like a bad case of the “ignorants”, or was that sarcasm?
What race exactly are you referring to? Did you think all South Americans and Mexicans are of Spanish descent? Sounds pretty racist to me. Did you miss the fact middle easterners and Africans have been caught crossing illegally? What you call “undocumented” are criminals; who broke federal, as in committing a “felony” immigration laws that were put in place to stop the disease of animals, plants and people, to stop child sex trafficking, slave labor and drug trafficking that is killing our youth, To stop terrorists and others who would do harm to the citizenry here. Those seeking asylum only have to go to ports of entry or embassies and really by international law, apply for asylum at the first 420 Weed 2020 the year when shit got real quarantined shirt they come to. But your uniformed emotional reaction only serves the help the sex traffickers etc. Worse yet, they cut in front of those who are attempting to come here legally.


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