2020 over this would not recommend shirt

2020 over this would not recommend shirt



What changed? COVID 19. The students are no longer “attending” classes, they are taking them online. They no longer need to endure the expense of traveling to and living in America in order to get an American education. You should be looking at the excellent opportunity this is for potential foreign students who could not physically come to this country. With the shift to online learning, more students than ever have the ability to profit from an American education! BTW, this has nothing to do with jobs. The law does not allow them to work while they are here. This is about the pandemic. You obviously do not know enough about higher education and international students attending colleges/universities/graduate programs/professional schools in the US. Nor do you have a 2020 over this would not recommend shirt about the importance of local instruction (even on remote) has on international students. And it is clear from your language. I would invite you to get some information about this topic before pontificating any further. Anthony Gunn what about the landlords that house those students? You realize a vast majority of students don’t live on campus, including foreign students, so if you’re going to make it about money, think about landlords. Oh, and every other business they’re patrons of too. Also, your American “education” seems to have failed you. This is a Morally repugnant bullying move by Trump and his administration to force Universities to open school face to face. It disregards the safety of all involved but is singularly focused to force Universities to appear normal and make COVID look like it’s safe in order for Trump to be re-elected. It’s about power and control for Trump, that’s the only focus, the only consideration. Trump Is quite comfy with the loss of life and health for students, professors, and staff as he only wants power and control, and killing people along the way is a price he is more than willing to pay.


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