2020 hello forty quarantined shirt

2020 hello forty quarantined shirt



Melissa Garcia Santos Stevens that’s a pathetic lie. You people can’t tell the truth. It’s sad to be this stupid and full of hate. Over a million illegal immigrants and they should’ve been processed. What a stupid remark. How about the millions walking and haven’t shown up for court. Stupid talk. Laura Kaia so when did asylum seekers become lawbreakers? Please explain how following our and international law is breaking the law. And do it without using Fox News, Breitbart or any other old, white racist web sites. Oh, and even if they were border jumpers, the penalty is a civil infraction, not a criminal one. So they’re not criminals. AND the Constitution overrides any statutory law. The prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment applies here. Laura Kaia in case you’re wondering though, even Trump only said it was 90% at the southern border, so only the brown ones. And that none of the people who overstay their visas and are white end up in these 2020 hello forty quarantined shirt. Laura Kaia says the woman crying about people coming in at the southern border. In case you’re wondering you old junkie, YOU are a racist. You’re crying about the southern border, spreading lies about it then crying racism when the truth is revealed. I’m trained to spot human trafficking, are you? Scott Lemiere read the definition of racism. You don’t even have a third-grade education. There’s nothing racist or wrong about not wanting the Aclu and Democrats encouraging illegal immigration. You got all kinds of stupid going on just go back to your racist KKK supremacist meeting. Or is the Democrats KKK groups called Antifa?


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