1N23456 you wouldn’t understand shirt

1N23456 you wouldn’t understand shirt



Why don’t you locked them in cages and dehumanize them verbally so republicans won’t care? Oh, wait that’s what Dump did and the babies are still locked up in private prisons for profit. Sorry, I think people are people and we don’t have the right to take them from the people who love them so Trump can make his money from campaign contributions. Illegal is a term for an action, NOT a human being and you can go fuck yourself and take your colonial ass back to England, knowing your family should have been slaughtered on arrival here and were only spared because the indigenous had no 1N23456 you wouldn’t understand shirt what a blight upon the landscape you would continue to be for all time. I don’t even need to tell you that you are a bad and vindictive person if you prefer this type of justice, because it’s not the point of this lawsuit. Carrying out executions is folly and utterly not necessary right now. You’re supporting murderers and you are pointing fingers at me? No one cares about your personal opinions. Justice must be and will be carried out. The families will get the closure they are entitled to. If your feet were in their shoes I’m sure you would feel differently than you do now judging from afar. Michelle Greenspan in civilized societies, victims don’t get a say in how justice is meted out. Their pain and sorrow, while valid, clouds their ability to make the rational judgments necessary for the punishment to be just and to ensure the only the guilty are punished. Ten years ago a law school investigated the cases of the men in Illinois’ death row. Over 50% were found to be suspect, so much so that the Republican governor outlawed the death penalty. Murdering innocent people does not bring justice to victims. Michelle Greenspan how dare you post one sentence that says something negative about ACLU and which proclaims something that is true. Don’t you know that that makes you a vile and evil person according to ACLU sycophants? Only echos only are wanted here. Only sheep can speak here without vilification.


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