123 social distancing champ now cram shirt

123 social distancing champ now cram shirt



I wasn’t deflecting anything. EVERYONE should get economic stimulus money. We pay into the pot they’re doling out like it’s their money. When we need it most, we’re not getting the help we need. I don’t decide who gets it, they do. The 123 social distancing champ now cram shirt sex workers don’t file taxes in the first place is that their work is marginalized. It’s not really fair to say “Your work is icky, so we’re gonna make it illegal, which means you won’t pay taxes. Oh and by the way, don’t expect any help from us if you’re not gonna be responsible enough citizens to pay taxes!” Like why do half of you people actually follow ACLU? Just to mock and troll everything they promote? What a sad existence. If you ain’t gonna help or support, buzz off. You’re talking about the people who elected by far the least competent president we have ever had, for the exact same reason. They can’t raise themselves up, so they just put others down. That’s the only card in their deck. Criminalizing safe structured sex work increases unsafe sex work and trafficking. Let people do their thing and ignore the low life schizophrenic zealots that think their imaginary friend knows better. What is this photo accompanying the headline? When I see women eating food, particularly while wearing jeans, I don’t exactly jump to the conclusion that they are paid for sex. Odd choice. Well, personally, I would have gone with an eye-catching text to grab the reader’s attention. It seems like many people would scroll past it because it’s a boring picture of 3 women having some take-out. If you post a pic of me eating and call me a prostitute, I would be more concerned about how I looked with a mouthful of scampi than the presumed career choice. However, some people might not want others to see pics of them labeled as such.


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